Medal of Liberty to Shimon Peres

Curso Herança Judaica do Novo Testamento

Shimon Peres, President of Israel received this morning in Israel, night in Washington the highest medal given to civilians in the United States by the American President. His award, according to President Obama is because he has done more to the cause of peace in the Middle East than any one else. And honored their great contributions to the State of Israel and the world.

The event took place at a ceremony quite personal with many names of international diplomacy, the U.S. government and journalists and was broadcast online by the press section of the White House.

In the words of Obama, Shimon Peres is the largest contributor to the excellent diplomatic relations currently existing between the U.S. and Israel.

“He himself in his old age continues to be well informed and informing others, and keeping everyone updated.”

Shimon Peres said in response: You moved me so much! For about 65, following the example of Ben Gurion, I gathered my strength and fought for peace and strength for my country.

There is today a great danger, Iran The people of Iran is not our enemy, but the leadership that supports terrorism worldwide and wants to dominate the entire Middle East. They rather are racing to reach nuclear weapons, and this must stop.

Medal of Freedom to Shimon Peres!