Israel’s Defense Battery has a 96% success rate

Foto: נחמיה גרשוני, Cc-by-sa-3.0

Despite the intense missile attacks that Israel has endured during Operations Guardian and Arrow, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have managed to protect the public thus far through the use of the “Iron Dome” and “Magic Wand” defense systems. Behind these technological wonders, there is hard work being done by many people all the time. We spoke with Sergeant Sh, the commander of the Iron Dome battery, which achieved a 96% success rate in intercepting missiles launched by the Islamic Jihad from Gaza.

“The enemy carries out highly complex missile attacks, both day and night, to penetrate our defenses. They try different methods and types of missiles, but we are able to provide the best response to these missiles and are always one step ahead of the enemy,” says Sergeant Sh.

He also mentions that in his battery, there are fighters who live near the deployment area and therefore see their mission as even more significant. “I have fighters and reservists who come directly from the area that the battery is protecting. The feeling among these people is wonderful; they truly feel a great sense of duty in protecting their families.”

“All members of the battery feel immense pride in their role and wake up every morning with a strong sense of duty. As a commander, this fills me with pride and a sense of privilege to lead such a team. I myself wake up every morning and see the flag of Israel waving over the battery, and I truly feel the honor and privilege of defending the country and leading such an excellent team.”