Hezbollah attacks Israel from the north of Israel

Rosh Hanikra Akhziv Western Galilee

At approximately 2 pm Jerusalem’s time, a rocket missile alert was heard in Shlomi, Batzat, Achziv and Rosh Hankara in northern Israel. IDF spokesman announced that the rocket launched from Lebanon to Israel. However, it was detected and intercepted by Iron Dome. The residents who live in the area have reported hearing sounds of explosions. Despite that, there were no safety instructions for residents.  Luckily there were no casualties or any damage noted.

Later, at near 2:54 pm more alarms went off in Western Galilee, followed by several more alarm warnings of firing rockets and missiles were heard. Alarm sounds were also heard  in Abdon, Manot, Yaara, Elon, Adamit and Hanita.

The IDF spokesperson announced that many rocket warning alarms had been activated across Western Galilee, and residents were asked to remain in bunker protections. Shooting by terrorist groups in the area continues, and the beaches have been evacuated.

Horrified, many residents reported the ricochets of the explosions. Up to now, warning alarm have been pick up in Shlomi, and the council locations of Maale Yosef and Meta Asher. Alarms were also sounded at Manot, Abdon, Adamit, Elon, Ya’ara, Hanita, Meno, Arab el Aramsha and Tzuba. After that, alarms were also sounded in Abirim, Ibn Menachem, Natua, Psuta, Shomra, Shtula, Hosan, Paki’in, Zuriel, Kisra Samia, Goren, Hila and Liman.

By M. Nicolaevsky Director do Cafetorah

Source: IDF, YnetNews and IsraelHayom