Palestinians Were Frustrated on the Temple Mount

monte do templo

More than 350 Hamas supporters, were arrested on Thursday night after violent confrontations on the Temple Mount. The intention was to gather stones, and fireworks to make handmade coquets Molotov cocktails and use it against the Jews on the Western Wall.

On Wednesday night, a clash started between security forces and young people who tried to barricade themselves in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Palestinian Authority and the Arab countries condemned Israel, including Jordan, Turkey also the European Union.

Nabil Abu Rudina, the spokesman for the Palestinian Authority and the president Abu Mazen, said in response to the confrontations that “the Israeli occupation is an outrage to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and to create an atmosphere of, instability and tension.”

He continue by saying: “…what Israel is doing by attacking the mosque and the Islamic followers it’s to bring hostile atmosphere in the month of Ramadan”.

Deliberately, the Arab spaces and the Muslim people distort the facts. Clearly, they are the ones who break the rules, disrupt and disrespect the holy place of the Temple Mount. Obviously, it’s their way to gain sympathy from the other nations and from the UN. The Israeli population knows that the Palestinians are storing weapons to attack the Jewish people. Palestinian Authority continue to disregard the existence of the State of Israel, its democracy as well as  disrespect religious freedom, and the Jewish rights.

Fonte: IsraelHayom and YnetNews