Wounded soldiers in Zirif, Israel

police 5226674 1920

According to the military forces, two soldiers were wounded on an attack on facades in Israel. The police arrested a suspect in a stabbing of two soldiers near the barracks. The soldiers were injured, and received medical treatment on the spot from the MDA. The Police Forces under the command of the District Commander, Superintendent Avi Biton, were on the crime scene.

The Police also reported that, the suspect attacked the soldiers near the Zirif junction and he was arrested by civilians who happened to be were the area. The person suspected was taken to the police station for questioning. Consequently, they are conducting extensive searches in the area with the help of a helicopter, to rule out the presence of another suspect.
Unfortunately, the MDA evacuated the two soldiers to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Be’er Ya’akov, as there were seriously wounded.

Source: IsraelHayom and YnetNews