Programa de Voluntarios Sar-El(em inglês)

Programa de Voluntarios Sar-El(em inglês) 06.10.2004
Sar-El's Goals em inglês com representação no Brasil

1. Goals:
Sar-El leadership adopted as its mission the achievement of the following goals:

Contribute to the promotion of Jewish continuity.
Create a cultural and educational exchange between the diaspora and Israel.
Partner with non-Jewish supporters of Israel in a mutually beneficial experience.

2. Methods:
Sar-El proposes to achieve its goals by encouraging volunteers from around the world to come to Israel for a number of weeks where they will experience one or more of the following:

Working in hospitals.
Working in I.D.F. warehouses.
Guided tours of interesting locations in Israel.
Lectures on Jewish and Israeli topics.
Shabbat hospitality.

3. Benefits:
Sar-El is proud to note that the program provides many additional benefits to include the following:

Promotes Aliyah
Fosters new friendships
Contributes to Israel's economy
Creates ambassadors of good will for Israel.

Sar-El Rep Brazil
Miriam Katz Gartenberg
Rio De Janero Brazil
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